Genevieve Talluto

I often have customers tell me that they remember seeing "Mrs. Talluto" in the store when they came in to buy their ravioli. They say things like "She was such a sweet woman and would give me great cooking tips and advice." or "She always had wonderful stories to share about her family. Mrs. Talluto was a very special woman." My grandmother was indeed "a very special woman". In fact, saying that, was an understatement.

She could whip up an Italian dish in the blink of an eye. Grandmom put love and passion into all of the recipes that were created and sold in our original store. But, the truth is, Grandmom learned how to cook Italian food. Genevieve "Bednar" was actually of Czechoslovakian descent. She was born to 'Slovakian immigrants and was raised with her family in Reading, PA. Grandmom had light blonde hair and fair skin. My oldest cousin Rich and I revel in the fact that we are the only grandkids who inherited her hazel eyes.



Grandmom was raised eating foods like ham and keilbasa with hard-boiled eggs, buttermilk, horseradish, and beets. She was known for making delicious golumpki and hearty stews. I remember yummy sweets like rolled nut bread, flakey kruschiki, and fruit kolache. She introduced all of these wonderful foods to our family. They became part of the Talluto/Bednar family tradition and we think of her fondly as our family still enjoy them today.



I have to laugh when I think of a favorite creation of her's. It was actually a 'Slovakian spin on a rustic Italian dish. She would use our Homemade Potato Gnocchi and prepare them as a side dish for a slow "pot-roasted" beef. To this day, when I eat this warm and yummy dish, the memories I associate with it are "oh, so comforting!" Click here for the Recipe.

- Joanne Talluto Brown

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Very nice

Joseph Talluto
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Thanks Dad

Joanne Brown
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