Talluto's Taralli

Talluto’s is excited to introduce our new line of authentic Italian Taralli! Available in 4 flavors: Traditional, Black Pepper, Fennel Seed, and Lemon Sugar.

Taralli are unlike any ordinary cracker, crostini, or breadstick. Taralli are made using very simple ingredients and a special cooking procedure that contributes to their unique flavor and crunch!

It is tradition that taralli dough be made with durum wheat flour, olive oil, white wine, and sea salt. Various other ingredients can also be added to flavor the dough; most traditionally fennel seeds or cracked black pepper. Small pieces of the dough are rolled into long strips and formed into small rings. The taralli rings are first boiled in hot water and then slowly baked for color and crunchiness. This unique process is a must and provides the taralli’s unique texture.