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1974 - First Production Facility

Joseph and his son, Joseph A.M. Talluto set up an 800 sq. ft. factory across the street from the Elmwood Avenue Store.

About Family

Our customers, suppliers, and employees are our family. Our business is all about relationships and are fortunate to be connected to so many wonderful people through our products. We hope that our products help families take the time to come together, enjoy each other, and have a good meal.

Our Values

We will never compromise our commitment to our products or our customers.

We believe in honesty, integrity, trustworthiness, and respect. 

We are devoted to ensuring safe and wholesome products and a safe work environment for our staff.

Our History

Our Team

  • Joseph F. Talluto

    President and CEO

    Literally growing up in the family business, Joe Talluto began his career packaging homemade cheese ravioli, stocking shelves with canned tomatoes and working along side his grandfather tying knots of fresh mozzarella cheese for customers to enjoy.

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  • Angel Talluto Storti

    Executive Vice President, Administration

    Angel's career with Talluto's began in 1983 at the ripe age of 12 working in the family's original storefront in Southwest Philadelphia. She has 22 years of professional experience in the food service industry including roles from in store management and sales and marketing.

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  • Rick DeMatteo

    Owner, Talluto's Retail Operations

    In the early 1980s, Rick DeMatteo crossed paths with Joseph A.M. Talluto. At that time, Tallutos original store had been established and Joe was looking to expand by opening other retail locations in the greater Philadelphia area.

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  • Joanne Talluto Brown

    Director, Retail Operations

    Joanne Brown has worked in her family’s business since her days at Strath Haven high school. Since the age of 16, she spent weekends and summers as a prep cook, line chef, sous chef, and ultimately executive chef of Talluto’s Philadelphia Italian Market store.

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  • Jennifer Talluto

    Purchasing Manager

    In 1994, at the age of 15, Jennifer began her career in the family business by working at the Talluto's Italian Market location. It was there behind the front counter, where she realized that she truly enjoys and values developing relationships with the customers.

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Our Community

When we think of community, we think of our family, friends, and neighbors.  We also think of our business community comprised of our customers, employees, suppliers, and the community of people who live and work around our businesses.  Our team is motivated by the opportunity we have to make a positive impact on all of these communities and we constantly seek to make new opportunities. We're in this business because we love Italian food and we love the way it builds the spirit of family and community.  

We are proud to support the following organizations who are working hard to help our friends and neighbors:

unite for her  ms philanokid

  • Best of the Main Line

    Best of the Main Line

    Talluto's hand-rolled pasta is the embodiment of the assertion that Italian food is beautiful in its simplicity.  Made with all-natural ingredients, Talluto's offerings include ravioli, manicotti, stuffed shells and so much more.

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