If you visit a Talluto's store, you'll know that we love to celebrate the tradition of bringing family and friends together.

Every year, amongst all of the Easter eggs, you will find one GIGANTIC 10 lb Bellino imported dark chocolate Easter egg standing tall in the corner. You have probably been asked, "Would you like to enter your name into the drawing to win the giant chocolate egg?" and  thought to yourself, "What could I possibly do with all of that chocolate?" Hopefully, you decided to drop your name into the drawing bucket anyway. Who knows...if you are the winner this year, you will be a part of our Talluto's family Easter tradition!!! 

Let me explain this a little further. At Easter time, each of our Talluto brand retail stores gives away one 10 lb chocolate Easter egg hoping that the winners will enjoy sharing it with their family and friends. It is something that we look forward to doing each year because it gives us an opportunity to say "thank you" to you, our loyal customers. This tradition began for us 4 years ago when Cento Fine Foods gifted my father, Joe Talluto, one of these enormous dark chocolate Easter eggs. He in turn began a new family tradition with his wife, his children, and his grandchildren.

Back in 2014, we all arrived at my mom and dad's house for Easter Sunday dinner as usual. It was this year that everyone was surprised to find the biggest chocolate Easter egg that we had ever seen. There, standing tall in the corner of the dining room, was this monstrous, brightly colored, mouth-watering chocolate confection. Needless to say, we couldn't wait until dessert. Now, each year after dinner, everyone goes outside to ceremoniously crack the egg. Dad goes into the kitchen to retrieve the pasta rolling pin. He places the wrapped egg onto the cement bench. At this time, all of his grandchildren stand around the egg for the traditional annual photo. Then, the fun begins.  Dad hands the rolling pin off to his youngest grandchild. Each of his grandchildren takes a turn whacking the huge egg with the rolling pin until it is broken into pieces. As the unwrapping begins, the kids stand and stare wide-eyed as the glorious chocolate is revealed! The whole "event" is really something special.

 Below, I wanted to share some of the pictures from the last four Easter holidays at our house. You can see how our family continues to grow and hopefully, you can feel the excitement and fun that is had each year. The 10 lbs of chocolate is enough to last us through the year. My father always says "This is honestly the best chocolate! The quality is incomparable. It is never too late to start a family tradition!" As a wine connoisseur, my dad also enjoys chocolate with red wines. It makes all of us smile because he says the same thing every year. As this tradition continues at my mom and dad's house, it extends out to our Talluto's family at the retail stores every Easter. Every year, 3 new winners are welcomed into this custom and the Talluto's family grows. Thank you for being a part of this tradition. Buona Pasqua! 

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