In response to COVID-19Our recipes begin with family.  That means we are committed to making sure all Talluto's employees, customers, and products are safe. We are grateful for your business and want to assure you that we continue to make food safety and personal hygiene our number one priority. While there is no evidence of food-borne transmission of COVID-19, we are following the situation closely and will implement all CDC, FDA, state, local, and national guidelines accordingly.  Please call our office at 610.522.0122 if you have any questions or concerns.  

  • Never compromising on local and natural ingredients

  • Three generations using time honored techniques

  • A passion for good food, high quality, and our community

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  • The Inside Scoop!

    Check our our new blog, "The Inside Scoop" featuring "behind the scenes" stories, new ideas, and upcoming events!  Please add your comments - we appreciate feedback, reflections, and suggestions.


  • The Talluto Family

    Check us out on Philadelphia Style!

  • New Online/Local Pickup Shopping

  • Hand made burrata cheese

    We make our own burrata cheese fresh every day. Ask for a sample the next time you are in one of our Talluto's stores. Enjoy Talluto's handmade burrata with Extra-virgin olive oil, cracked black pepper, and warm, crusty Italian bread. Simple and delicious!

  • From the Talluto's Table

  • Alternate uses for Talluto's fresh pasta sheets.


    In our Talluto brand retail stores, we make fresh pasta sheets. We will cut them for you any way that you desire. You can literally enjoy homemade capellini, spaghettini, linguine, fettucine, and pappardelle on demand. Not too bad, huh?

    But, have you ever thought to use the fresh pasta sheets for other applications? If you buy the pasta sheets whole and uncut, you will find that there are many other ways to use them. Have a look, won't you?


  • Genevieve Talluto

    I often have customers tell me that they remember seeing "Mrs. Talluto" in the store when they came in to buy their ravioli. They say things like "She was such a sweet woman and would give me great cooking tips and advice." or "She always had wonderful stories to share about her family. Mrs. Talluto was a very special woman." My grandmother was indeed "a very special woman". In fact, saying that, was an understatement.


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  • Talluto's own Taralli

    Have you been in to try some of Talluto's authentic taralli? 
    We have Italy's favorite snack food available in 4 varieties: traditional, fennel seed, black pepper, and lemon sugar. Which variety is your favorite?

    Click here

  • Italian Market Festival 2019

  • Easter Traditions

    If you have ever visited a Talluto's store during the Easter season, you have probably noticed the vibrant and beautifully foil-wrapped chocolate eggs. Every year, amongst all of these eggs, you will find one GIGANTIC 10lb Bellino Imported Dark Chocolate Egg standing tall in the corner. You have probably been asked, "Would you like to enter your name into the drawing to win the giant chocolate egg?" and  thought to yourself, "What could I possibly do with all of that chocolate?" Hopefully you decided to drop your name into the drawing bucket anyway. Who knows...if you are the winner this year, you will be a part of our Talluto's family Easter tradition!!!  


  • Buon Natale Amici!

    We thank you for your continued business.

    The Talluto's family wishes you and your family a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!





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