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Quality Manufacturing

Today, 2nd & 3rd generations of the Talluto family produce over 90 varieties of pasta in Folcroft, Pa, just outside of Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.  It is only miles from Talluto’s original store.  Our 50,000 sq.ft. factory is virtually a kitchen where we make everything on the premises using all of the original recipes and machinery.  This guarantees that no matter where you buy Talluto’s pasta, it will always be the same.  We maintain the same high quality standards that were set years ago by Mr. Talluto in the back of his corner store.

While maintaining our traditions, our facility also meets modern standards for quality control and safety:

  • Our facility is USDA inspected and third-party audited with a superior rating by AIB, the American Institute of Baking. 
  • We are committed to food safety and practice the best manufacturing techniques in everything we produce.  We use metal detection to assure that all of our products are safe for our customers and their families to eat.  We also maintain a full product traceability program to assure public health.  
  • Talluto’s believes that it is important to support our local community and we are a recognized as a Buy Fresh, Buy Local Partner and a Pennsylvania Preferred Manufacturer.


  • Talluto’s has an inspector from the United States Department of Agriculture (USDA) on the premises every day for food safety inspection. The U.S. Department of Agriculture ensures that Talluto’s supply of meat, poultry, and egg products is safe, wholesome, and correctly labeled and packaged.  Protecting public health and preventing food born illnesses is something that Talluto’s takes seriously.

  • Talluto’s maintains comprehensive food safety standards.   We implement full product traceability. Essentially, this is a “paper trail” that makes it possible to track our products from the point of origin of each ingredient used, to the retail location where our products are purchased by consumers.  We are committed to food safety and practice the best manufacturing techniques that assure the proper handling, preparation, and the storage of food in ways to prevent foodborne illness. We believe that food ought to be safe in the market and should be safely prepared and delivered to our customer and their families in that condition.

  • Talluto’s goes above and beyond what is required by law to meet our high standards. We bring an additional auditor into our facility to inspect for cleanliness.  The American Institute of Baking International inspects our facility every year.  We hold a “Superior Rating”(the highest rating available) from AIB for our facility and for our manufacturing practices.

  • Talluto’s is a recognized Buy Fresh, Buy Local partner and is a PA Preferred Manufacturer. When a Pennsylvania resident purchases a product grown or made in Pennsylvania, they are directly supporting the state’s economy.  By purchasing local products, you are also encouraging and allowing Pennsylvania business to do what they do best - to continue growing and creating great products. When it comes to produce and other food items, you are guaranteed to have fresher, better tasting products. Talluto’s uses food and agricultural products grown, produced or processed in Pennsylvania.


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