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Today, I spent some time in the kitchen assembling refreshing pasta dishes meant to be enjoyed cold.

Pasta salads have gained popularity through the years and are a great way to appreciate quality pasta.  Unfortunately, in my opinion, they have also become very dull, boring, and even abused :( Often, pasta salad is associated with an image of mushy tri-colored noodles and vegetables that have been sitting in the deli for days. *** Please, don't let this spoil your appetite for something that has the potential to be so good! 

Pasta Frittata 1

This was always one of Dad's favorite things to make. He loved frittata. This recipe is a great way to use up any leftover pasta.

In these DIY days. we could probably call it upcycling ;)


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  MARIANNE TALLUTO — My mom always fried the left over pasta....however...never with the egg.....I am going to try this right now......


Northern Italians often prepare fresh pasta by simply tossing it with fresh sage leaves that have been browned in a healthy heap of butter. In America, Browned butter sage sauce is often highlighted in the Fall when butternut squash and pumpkin-filled pasta are in season. Italians however, love this combination and use it often throughout the year. The simple flavors of butter and herbs compliment many foods. 

One of my favorite things to do in the spring and summertime is to visit local farms and take advantage of the abundance of freshly grown produce. To me, there is nothing better than cooking and eating the tender vegetables and sweet fruits that were picked only a short time ago. Once I get home from the farm, I often assemble my collection and admire the vision for a moment. Then, the wheels in my mind begin turning...broccoli, spinach, swiss chard, kale, squash, asparagus, tomatoes, leeks, artichokes, sweet onions, and garlic. Then, my mind shifts to beautiful fresh cut egg pasta: linguine, fettucine, pappardelle, rigatoni, fusilli, ziti...Shall I continue?          

Have you ever tried fresh homemade mozzarella cheese?

This morning, I cut a braid of mozzarella that we had made less than an hour earlier. I bit into a slice and my heart instantly melted as I savored the delicate flavors. I quickly snapped a picture with my phone and couldn't wait to talk about it with you.

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  Regina Sorgini — I would really like to learn how to make fresh mozzarella - do you ever offer classes for this?...



Here is an easy dish for St. Patrick's Day in honor of all of the Irish-Italian families. 🇨🇮 🇮🇹

It is a tradition at Talluto's to fill our Easter table with all sorts of scrumptious foods. Our retail stores offer a selection of our family favorites. Easter is a time to celebrate all of the wonderful foods that the season has to offer. Buona Pasqua and welcome to our Easter table!

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  Licia McClary Trifoglio — Everything looks so delicious, love your site an reading about Easter. I have looked for a great homemade ravioli and manicotti for awhile now. We are empty nesters now with the kids in grad school s I have been looking for a break making everything homemade myself. I make the gravy but the pasta......

Egg Tradition CollageIf you have visited a Talluto's store during the Easter season, you've probably noticed all of the vibrant and beautifully foil-wrapped chocolate eggs.  Every year, amongst all of the Easter eggs, you will find one GIGANTIC 10 lb Bellino imported dark chocolate Easter egg standing tall in the corner. You have probably been asked, "Would you like to enter your name into the drawing to win the giant chocolate egg?" and  thought to yourself, "What could I possibly do with all of that chocolate?" Hopefully you decided to drop your name into the drawing bucket anyway. Who knows...if you are the winner this year, you will be a part of our Talluto's family Easter tradition!!! 

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  Angela Gray — The most generous and thoughtful giveaway! The pictures are awesome and Tallutos is the best Italian food you could ever imagine!...
  Chrissy Frederico — I would love to break this egg with my daughter and family on Easter...

I often have customers tell me that they remember seeing "Mrs. Talluto" in the store when they came in to buy their ravioli. They say things like "She was such a sweet woman and would give me great cooking tips and advice." or "She always had wonderful stories to share about her family. Mrs. Talluto was a very special woman." My grandmother was truly a very special woman. In fact, saying that is an understatement.

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  Marialena Talluto Stpryi — My mom was the most wonderful, loving, and influential woman in my life. She taught me how to love deeply, work to the best of our ability, and always be true to yourself. I try to live my life in the ways she taught us and miss her more than words could ever say....
  Joanne Brown — Thanks Dad XOXOXOXO...
  Joseph Talluto — Very nice...

During the month of February, when true love is in the air, I am inspired to share the sweet love story of my grandfather and grandmother, Joseph and Genevieve Talluto. It is a unique little story and if you are lucky enough to have known them, you will see that it is actually quite fitting. If you didn't know them, hopefully after reading this...you will feel like you did. 

As the cooler weather approaches, I look forward to using these great recipes in my weekly meal planning. It makes dinner a "no brainer" and I love using any leftovers for my lunch the next day.

NOODLE BOWLcrispyprosMy current obsession is with noodle bowls. There are so many great restaurants in our area offering many different types. The cold winter months have me jonesing for bowls and bowls of these delicious, cozy, and nourishing soups; I just can't get enough! 

Although noodle bowls are mostly part of Asian cuisine, I wanted to create a few different Italian-inspired noodle bowls. 

Some of you may have memories of mothers and grandmothers hard at work making fresh pasta from scratch in your home kitchens. Often, they labored for hours on end, creating tender and delicate noodles to be devoured in just minutes at the dinner table. You may have a favorite "cut" of pasta like angel hair, spaghetti, linguine, fettuccine, or you may just love them all. In our Talluto brand retail stores, we make fresh pasta sheets. We will cut them for you any way that you desire. You can literally enjoy homemade capellini, spaghettini, linguine, fettuccine, and pappardelle on demand. Not too bad, huh? But, have you ever thought to use the fresh pasta sheets for other applications? If you buy the pasta sheets whole and uncut, you will find that there are many other ways to use them. Have a look, won't you?

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  Dan T — I recently used fresh lasagna sheet and made shiitake/ricotta/salami dumplings (gyoza shape). Soooo good....
  Kira — Can I put these sheets through my Kitchenaid pasta attachment to make linguine?...
  Viola spira — Do you sell ravioli sheets?...

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This week, I had decided to shape some farfalle using our fresh egg pasta sheets and a mini cookie cutter that I had purchased from Fante's cookware shop in the Philadelphia Italian Market. After producing a few odd-looking butterflies, I managed to gain some momentum. Before long I had noticed that a "swarm" of beautiful butterflies had emerged...and no two were exactly alike.



When we make Talluto's ravioli, we use a very specific type of ricotta cheese: ricotta impastata. The word impastata means "mixed or kneaded" in Italian. This type of ricotta cheese is smooth, thick, and has a very low moisture content. It is often used in cooking to mix into fillings or knead into doughs. Talluto's ricotta impastata is unique because it is made with only the following 4 ingredients: milk, cream, vinegar, and salt.

There are no THICKENERS, STARCHES, OR STABILIZERS added to our cheese. 

Therefore, you will find that Talluto's impastata is perfect for use in baking and other Italian desserts as well. Your cakes, pies, cookies, and cannoli will all taste richer and more flavorful than ever! No draining necessary :) 

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  Susan — Hi! How many cookies does this recipe make?...


Street food is defined as ready-to-eat foods or drinks sold by a howker, or vendor, in a street or other public place, such as a market or fair. It is often sold from a portable food booth, food cart, or food truck and is meant for immediate consumption.

  For dinner tonight, I made fresh pasta with ham and peas in our homemade Alfredo sauce. I made 2 lbs of pasta for 2 adults and 2 kids.  I know....that's a lot of pasta! I did this intentionally because I had a plan for my leftovers.


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This is a great recipe for Roasted Butternut Squash Lasagna made with Talluto's fresh Whole Wheat Pasta Sheets, Shallot Cream Sauce, and our homemade ricotta cheese. It is a perfect dish that can be made in advance and cooked to feed a family of people! 

About 20 years ago, like my brother and sisters, I had graduated from college and was beginning my full-time career in our family's business. I remember there was a point when my father came to us with a newspaper clipping of an article entitled "The generations of family businesses". The article talked about business dynamics and how family businesses evolve through the different generations of the family. The article gave statistics of successful companies and how the company survival rate decreased through the passing of generations. My father passed on the article for us to read and simply said "Don't become a statistic."

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  Joanne — We would love to hear your memories of Talluto's!...

Talluto’s is excited to introduce our new line of authentic Italian Taralli! Available in 4 flavors: Traditional, Black Pepper, Fennel Seed, and Lemon Sugar.Taralli are unlike any ordinary cracker, crostini, or breadstick. Taralli are made using very simple ingredients and a special cooking procedure that contributes to their unique flavor and crunch!

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